The Nature Restorer Foundation in Pahrump, NV, previously known as Nature Restorer Inc., was established as a Nevada corporation in May 2001, and started as PARTEK back in the mid-1980's as a Washington entity. Throughout the years, we have worked with different companies and organizations to make the process of recycling more efficient and eco-friendly. Aside from plastic recycling and manufacturing, the nature of our business involves technology development, licensing/joint venturing, and franchising.


  • 1987 - Bitar led the team that developed the “kinetic process” for plastic recycling. It is initially focused on the industrial scrap of rigid containers under the PARTEK Corp. (a WA company) umbrella.

  • 1988 - We moved our first plant to a larger space and opened a second plant located in New Castle, IN. In the same year, we manufactured corrugated drain pipe from 100% recycled resin and submitted the products for independent lab testing that led to USDA approving 10% recycled contents in the drain pipe for the first time ever (06/1988).

  • 1989 - We introduced the first post-consumer automated recovery system and supplied the PCR to Owens Ill for P&G’s first multi-layer Downy bottle.

    That year, we were able to raise $0.75 million in venture capital. We worked with the National EPA, OR-DEQ, and WA-DOE on recycling containers from Ag Chemical. This led to the discovery of the triple rinse strategy that was adopted nationally for such containers. We also worked with Exxon Chemicals on proving the viability of recycling used oil containers.

    In addition, we have also proved the viability of automatic color sorting for the clean recycled chips/flakes.

  • 1990 - We established a joint venture and licensing relationship with Phillips 66.

  • 1992 - This year, we implemented the first fully automated (computer touch screen controlled) plastics recycling plant in the world for Phillips Recycling.

  • 1993 - In 1993, we produced one of the best plastic lumber and shapes (as tested by the Army Corps. Of Engineers Labs.), manufactured from the recycled post-consumer resin (PCR).

  • MID TO LATE ’90S - We ran a three years test (with Chevron and Graham Packaging) and proved the viability of collecting and recovering the used oil containers and supplying the resin for the new containers’ recycled content.

  • 1999-2005 - Our first licensee/joint venture (ARTI – Stockton, CA) suffered from the lack of power for over 2 and a half years and then was liquidated due to the fraudulent dealings of the 51% owner/president.

  • 2005-2008 - We developed a new PET (polyethylene terephthalate) beverage container recovery system.

  • 2010-2017 - In 2010, our company decided to focus on the Las Vegas/SW Nevada region for the 21st-century plastic recycling global model because of certain features that lend to a more effective implementation, monitoring, and to perfecting the model prior to launching it throughout North America and then globally.

  • 2018-PRESENT - The Nature Restorer Foundation is working diligently with Clark and Nye Counties, the state, and with others in the private sector. It is also undertaking a crowdfunding campaign in order to launch the new model in 2018.


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Plastic Recycling Innovations


PARTEK Corp. and the Nature Restorer Foundation in Pahrump, NV are institutions concerned about the alarming amount of plastic wastes on the planet. Both entities are focused on transforming the plastic recycling, waste, and chemical industries, with our goal to collect and recover as close to 100% of all plastics wastes by 2030. We are also looking to address recovering our non-renewable resources for the betterment of the environment. Expect these plastic recyclers to work hard and go the extra mile to give you a world without plastic waste problems.


The new PARTEK Corp.—now a Nevada corporation—will work with all interested plastic recyclers, waste collectors, and chemical companies through licensing and joint venturing to help change our world in the coming decades.


The Nature Restorer Foundation (NRF) is a new nonprofit institution that focuses on the collection and semi-processing of plastic waste. It informs the public about the available plastic recycling solutions and technology we can use to save Earth from the destruction caused by the overwhelming amount of plastic waste.


Both groups aim to help mobilize the nonprofit sector to lead the effort to recover all the plastics wastes from the world’s oceans. We have created a new model for plastic recycling that is designed to work with what exists in every community, no matter the number of containers. Connect with us and we can answer your questions.